24 Hours of Le Mans 2011: Audi magic

Audi R18Duel of anthology. Sensational. The words were on everyone’s lips at the end of the 79th Le Mans 24 Hours, punctuated by a regular battle between Audi and Peugeot. In 2011, Leo bowed.

It always starts a little the same way. Arnage, Hunaudières … The signs with names mythical march on the road, littered with the usual British contingent in TVR and Jaguar . Crossing the campgrounds before going on the battlefield, the atmosphere is inimitable. We find the same audience from all over Europe, for clubs whole, and especially across the Channel. Le Mans is about the only place where you can see a Jaguar E-type that serves as drying room, or a caravan attached to the rear end of an Aston Martin . Without shock, of course. Matter of attitude … The rain has invited to spice up the game is nothing new, the British weather Mans, we have already seen.

But this year, the smell was mostly Franco-Germanic. Increasingly sour over the race. The suspense has been exceptional in the struggle between two titans of Le Mans. After the disappointment of the 2010 24 Hours, Peugeot intends to take his revenge this year. Especially for Audi, bring a proto closed was a first.It was not until the last 5 minutes of the race to finally have the idea of ​​the winner: the Audi R18 # 2 of the trio Tréluyer-Fassler-Lotterer, only survivor of the race, finished the race in Le Mans head, 13 seconds Peugeot 908 No. 9 led by Bourdais, Lamy and Pagenaud. About 24 hours, the weakness of the difference speaks volumes about the tension that prevailed between the two participants.

It was not a foregone conclusion. After an hour of racing, the Audi No. 3 McNish suffered a dramatic accident. The moral is made better. Even on the power play, the French could not dent the supremacy Audi. Peugeot pay its tear this year, but consoles himself by bringing all the cars entered unharmed. The 908 No. 8 Montagny, Minassian and Sarrazin finished its part of the third place.For Audi, the 2011 vintage of the 24 Hours brand an entry in the legend of Le Mans. With 10 victories in Sarthe, the rings are second behind Porsche (16 wins) in terms of number of races won.Audi R18

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