A Holden with Australian power of Walkinshaw

WalkinshawA Holden Commodore Ute, which we are already rare. Let alone a version that is getting severely beaten, the right way-by Walkinshaw Performance. Thunder, lightning, a V8 and a supercharger, which sums up this pick upje pretty much on.

At the Australian International Motor Show gives the average Ute (= pickup version of a sedan) is always above average attention. We must here have little or nothing because they are often at car shows ondergekwijld. Especially if Walkinshaw Performance of the late Tom Walkinshaw has the ability and Googled the undercarriage of a fresh pair of Bilstein has provided. They also make an effort to disguise that it was a Ute, and edit a large piece of carbon fiber with integrated spoiler on the back. Yes, and then it seemed ‘ie from behind suddenly a suberb Combi .

The GM 6.2 V8 under the hood is rounded by air supplied by a supercharger and WP230 is a stainless steel exhaust fitted to improve engine rolls. Roles done on 20 “wheels and interior WPP.1 get fresh Walkinshaw logos in the seats. You tell me, well suited for the polder or can it keep better Down Under.Walkinshaw

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