A new climate test center at Mercedes

Mercedes ClimaticMercedes launched a new testing facility size on its site in Sindelfingen. Two wind tunnels will, in addition to aerodynamic simulations, to reproduce all weather conditions.

By rain and the weather is not intended to replace the field trials, which are obviously needed to understand the endurance of the prototypes in extreme conditions, but to get a head start on testing phases and save time: it is easier to compare one vehicle to the arctic cold or the sun in the Sahara a single laboratory, rather than take a mule trip in development around the world.

In addition to temperatures from -40 ° C to 60 ° C, new workshops can reproduce the wind speeds up to 200 km / h and even tornadoes. Snow storms and tropical rains are also part of the torture possible, until a simulated vehicle speed up to 265 km / h. Mercedes puts to the test functions de-icing, air conditioning and resistance of bodies in hostile climate. On alternative propulsion, hydrogen vehicles can be tested.

The models that emerge from these first put to the test will then anticipate the tests in Namibia, in Death Valley or beyond the Arctic Circle.Mercedes Climatic

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