ABT VW Tiguan you would like to squirm

Volkswagen Tiguan ABTA new Volkswagen Tiguan ABT means that they again have a four wheeler to set their arrows. I only just finished the Beetle let them see how they have the soft roader Volkswagen thinking.

In terms of external additives is not very special to mention what the German tuner it all up to. At the rear, a spoiler mounted grille is replaced by a copy and paste it ABT tacky “strips on the doors. Another silencer and a new set of wheels to make it down.

Tinkering under the hood to the practices continue. A 2.0 TDI with 170 or 195pk (default: 140 or 170 ponies) for the 1.4 TFSI and glove tankers who ex-factory with 140 horsepower up to 210 hp can be accelerated. Later, there is an engine package for the 2.0 TSI ABTielijst the stand, which is expected from the 250 horsepower four-cylinder presses.

Prices and pictures ABT keeps a secret, until then, the VAG adebten any previously with four renders.Volkswagen Tiguan ABT

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