AC Schnitzer wheels save the new 1 Series

BMW 1 Series AC Schnitzer

We have rarely seen such as unanimous BMW zeken was cut when the first pictures came out. I myself am a little milder,  because the real secret is no ugly car. Anyway, 90% of you still find it uglier than a cross between Agnes Jongerius and a crippled Tibetan buffalo hair loss, and you are talking to say. Provides that AC Schnitzer has created opleuksetje relief?

Probably not, because the kit is limited to a new set lichtmetalo in 18 or 19 inches and a decorative piece for the exhaust. And save you a car with it.

However, it is the first set of adjustments that the F20 is, so it’s worth mentioning. F20’s come back from Schnitzer ACS1 then get the appropriate name.

Inside you get other pedals, a new shift knob (with digitally controlled display), a new omhulseltje for your Pinker, and of course the famous i-Drive knob in the form of an AC Schnitzel Rim. Nice though.

BMW 1 Series AC Schnitzer

[Image: autoblog]

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