Alfa Romeo at Frankfurt 2011: another concept 4C

Alfa Romeo 4c ConceptAlfa Romeo cultivates the shadows on the future 4C. Initially, the final version in 2012 on the road had to show his nose in Frankfurt. Obviously, he will have to wait.
This is no longer little doubt. Alfa Romeo does not hide his intention to give life to a production version of the 4C concept found in Geneva in March. It should also keep in close technically, according to preliminary information issued by the manufacturer Milan.

However, to come see the 4C standard, there is still some way: Alfa Romeo will be satisfied in Frankfurt a new performance concept, with the only change … its exterior livery. After the concept red mat Geneva, we would get a gray “fluid metal.” Good admit, this will allow us to see her face in a different light. So nothing new under the sun on the side of Biscione.

The development of the small coupe Alfa would be the already successful. We know it is based on a platform that showcases carbon and aluminum, and will be driven by the TBI 4 cylinder 1750 in a central position in a variant of just over 200 hp. Why not even up to 235 hp, officiates as the Giulietta.

However, we are still wondering about the final weight, not necessarily as optimistic announced that 850 kg and ratio of less than 4 kg / hp. The performances are top flight, however, with a 0 to 100 km / h shot in less than 5 s and about 250 km / h in a point. For a little better eye on a Porsche Cayman? Stay tuned, may be in Geneva next March.Alfa Romeo 4c Concept

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