Alfa Romeo MiTo invents an Art Car

Alfa Romeo Mito Art CarArts & quadricycles, BMW does it all for years . Alfa Romeo UK also seemed a good idea to do as the latest muesli MiTo is under the spotlight and let the small car therefore a floral curtain transform.

Dear Louise one is responsible for the design of the floral wrap. She has called this work “Because I Can” and given it seems to be inspired in her daughter. You also need something from Alfa Romeo logo to look back, it seems.

If you already a while a hard seat to watch this work of art, but still do not understand what the artist means by this? Below PR blabla by Louise Dear

“I really wanted to capture Alfa Romeo heritage and elegance within-my creation, while bringing out the stylish and fashionable aspects of the Alfa MiTo. The Alfa MiTo is targeted at a young, stylish audience who have a positive attitude to life, and are focussed on being successful, and within-my painting I have tried to bring this across Using a combination of designs convey powerful imagery mixed with That elegance and beauty.”

No, the MiTo 1.3 JTDM-2 can not be ordered in this art performance, the car will be the future in various exhibitions to see. But in England, so you have probably nothing.Alfa Romeo Mito Art Car

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