Alpha develops a new 1.8 turbo, 300 hp maximum power

Alfa-Romeo 4C Concept 2011

Good news, Alfisti! Despite the meager Alfa Romeo models offer what currently bothers comes yet another Alpha-to-dribble out. We are talking about the 4C,  an Alfa mid-engine and rear-wheel drive. And the engine that you want to use this will probably be the new 1.8 turbo four-cylinder with slightly more horsepower than was thought: 300 pieces!

Alfa Romeo announced today that they are working on developing a new, aluminum built, blown turbo four-cylinder. That this block in the current term 1750 TBi engine will replace seems obvious. And according to Motori online are a lot of the block plan.
This gives the vierpitter provides immediate fuel (at 200 bar), a turbo, dual variable valve timing and emissions figures will undoubtedly within the norms of the United States fall. Alfa Romeo is planning to score there – if it takes a while before they have been – and continue to contribute to this block.

We said 300 hp? true, but of course, not every Alpha 1.8 this set-up. There are several models with less horsepower from the 1.8 “you become available. However, it is nice to read that the 4C now 300 hp under the hood gets carbon fiber, instead of “just over two hundred” what was spoken about previously. In 2013, the block on the market, the same year as the introduction of the 4C.

The introduction of new models may be with many fits and starts going, the Italians still see temporary refuge in the 4C, which gives citizens danwel Alfa fanatic courage again.

Alfa-Romeo 4C Concept 2011

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