Antonov Marussia purchase, return to Spyker F1

Marussia B1Vladimir Antonov on the move! Russian billionaire tries since this week is not only a greater interest in Saab to buy, but just now we received the news that Russian sugar daddy automaker Spyker Marussia has taken over. Formally, there is still a deal to be closed, but this seems only a matter of time. Moreover, this acquisition has major implications for the racing.

As a Russian billionaire, you have plenty of opportunity for automakers and toys to buy, as proven by Mr Smolenski and Prokhorov earlier. It also has a glutton Antonov shows are scheduled Marussia-acquisition, but this takeover is also a consequence of a Dutch border.

The fact is that Marussia currently serves as sponsor of the Virgin Formula 1 team. The acquisition of the brand and with a substantial additional cost (how many is unknown) Antonov want to rename the racing team Spyker. This means a return of the Spyker F1! The name change will press officer by Antonov, A. Durakov in the second half of the season, from the GP of Germany (21-07-2011 – 24-07-2011) So.
What happened to the amount involved is over-Marussia is (still) not disclosed.Marussia B1

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