Aston Martin Cygnet test: take the unusual

Aston Martin Cygnet testThe smallest, least powerful and most controversial … the Aston Martin:  : curiosity is enough to invite one swallow does not a city in our columns. In the city, it is called Cygnet.

Not easy for Aston Martin to justify this little cube charged almost € 40 000. However,, the arrival of this curious English is well lived. Like a breath of air play, supplementing almost humorous the other end of the catalog represented by the One-77. On the one hand, a V12 7.3 liter 760 hp. On the other, a small four-cylinder 1.3 liter 98 hp original Toyota. Few manufacturers to display a range so wide … Not quite, actually: the project’s critics were quick to heap opprobrium on the plebeian extraction of this particular city. However, the Cygnet is not just rebadgage the Toyota iQ which serves as a platform.
Aston Martin Cygnet testCygnet, said a marketing manager Aston Martin is a baby swan thus understand something embryo destined to become great … The picture is beautiful. Beyond the marketing dimension that led to create this must-have for urban dandy (especially for their wives, in fact), the purpose of Cygnet is probably more pragmatic imperatives for manufacturers to lower the Average Co ² emitted. Aston Martin pushed to counteract the argument with the Cygnet Vantage, Virage and other fast catalog. Of course, behind his pregnant little poetic, one wonders about its legitimacy to receive the winged emblem.Aston Martin Cygnet test

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