At last: a Batmobile with turbine-365pk

BatmobileIt gets better: this Batmobile may just open the road, weighs 1300kg and has an iPhone-holder! Or are you still prefer an anonymous -928 turbine?

Replicas , Batmobile’s sure, come in many shapes and sizes. Yet it is often a letdown when the fake just can not match the picture sketched in the film. No cool laser guns, no gadgets and no jet shoots fine. Or is it? Casey Putsch (coup Racing) took the time to build a truly unique machine. Not a hobby but a clumsy movie car replica racing background. In daily life, namely Casey prepares classic Lotuses, a Cheetah or just a CanAm racer.

The engine: a Boeing turbine from a navy helicopter. The Batmobile good for at least 365pk. Put in a 1300kg car and the combination will be ahead. To about 300km / h according to the rumors.

On the street does not like the top speed of course. The fact that you are not just another underperforming V8 driving around but deafening roar produces does count. That is how a Batmobile sound. Machine guns have to add afterwards.
Thank you Casey and I hope also a tumbler of your hand to see. The latter has all Batmobiles surely won my heart.Batmobile

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