Audi A5 DTM: A big fat race car

Audi A5 DTM

This DTM Audi A5 is not only very wide. It also features achterwielaadrijving. Would they at Audi know how they should deal with?
Naturally, Audi Motorsport has no problem with developing RWD race cars, because those are their Le Mans racers for years and after the Audi A4 which for many years active in the DTM has the only rear-wheel drive.

From next year, the DTM championship something interesting. Not only will there be racing coupes rather than sedans will also be back next year at the start three brands (Audi, Mercedes and BMW newcomer ).

Under the bonnet is a 4.0 V8 with 460 hp and over 500 Nm. Furthermore, it seems this car especially on an A5, but underneath it’s more like a F1 car. Think of it as an F1 car with the ‘cover’ of a street car over it.

To cover the cost for Audi, BMW and Mercedes saving is agreed that all cars have the same wheelbase (2.75 meters) and that more than 50 so-called unit components’ use. These parts are all cars the same thing. These and other measures, the costs are lowered by 40%.
Audi began in May 2010 with the project R17 and last June were the first time on the circuit tested. Audi Motorsport hopes for March 1, 2012 the new A5 DTM completely homologated to have.

Audi A5 DTM

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