Audi: Frankfurt approach, the S7 is no longer hidden

Audi S7This fall will mark a step in the current range Audi , with a flood of versions S. Starting with the S7, including new images just appear.

And this time, the camouflage is gone. Apart from the absence of monograms indicating the nature of the A7 a little tough, the typical Audi S variants are there: front bumper and rear specific, four exhaust outlets … The doubt disappeared in checking out the instrumentation, flanked by a “S7” on the tachometer. The same applies to the brake calipers branded apparel that pinch by carbon-ceramic discs.

Nothing is official yet on this issue, but the S7 is expected to receive the new V8 in a 4-liter TFSI 440 hp about definition. This engine will be shared with the new S6, which is also expected to Frankfurt, and probably with the S8 in a higher power level. End of chapter for the original V10 Lamborghini previous S6 and S8 (… and RS6) Audi continued downsizing of the scheme of sports. Also unlikely that future and RS6 (hypothetical) RS7 manage to keep the V10 in the catalog.Audi S7

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