Audi R8 gets power RS5 and R8 V10 gets some extra

Audi R8 V8 vs R8 V10You could almost forget, but since 2007, the R8 already on the market virtually unchanged. Of course, there are some extra options added in recent years as a V10,  and Spyder GT,  but the base is not changed. I have got the basic R8 4.2 V8 this year with the introduction of the Spyder with a 10 hp, but that’s about it. High time for a somewhat more radical refresher.

Next year will seem finally to the Audi 4.2 V8 with 450 Nm of pk/430 the RS5 R8 into the base to hang. That way, owner of an R8 is so beautiful at 20 hp.
More important news is that Audi finally parting seems to take the R-ironic automated transmission in the R8 to be found. Audi was the facelift which is a 7-speed S tronic in the R8 to hang. I suspect that a lot of people out there going to be happy.

With the facelift of the R8 V10 will not be forgotten, because the ability of those cars will increase from 525 hp to 540 hp. Of course, the power is not too high, because otherwise buyers of R8 GT Lamborghini Gallardo unhappy.
Alternatively, there’s a second round R8 GT’s 570 hp comes with such is not yet known. The unveiling of the face lifted R8 with extra power is probably in the planning for the IAA in September or early 2012 in Geneva.

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