Audi R8 of Rafael van der Vaart to buy

Audi R8 Rafael van der Vaart

If it is his anyway. Earlier, there was a car for sale (This E46 M3) Which the seller claimed that he was the footballer. When we had our doubts that. This time it is hit by the Audi R8?

Let’s put this straight – arguments: 1) Meis drove in at least a 2009 R8 (The private says, So it is so).
Arguments against: 1) Van der Vaart was still a BMW fan boy? He was certainly an M3 CSL, an M6, and even his wife does advertising things for BMW. 2) The car is located in Rotterdam sale. 020 had been more logical. 3) The advertisement refers to Raphael van der Vaart.

This could be just a NuKuBu with a name who happens to be on the ball trapper looks.

So finally we have more arguments than to invent, or can you tell us a bit to get started? Alternatively, else if you ask him next week to the Netherlands, Switzerland or Germany – Netherlands goes. You know immediately whether it is worth 84,950 euros in 2007 from an R8 with aftermarket rims speeding Pijkeren. Thanks in advance!

Thanks to Leon for the tip!

Audi R8 Rafael van der Vaart

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