Audi RS3 a 3-door

Audi RS3No, this 3 door RS3 is not a future project at Audi,  but simply the realization of an S3 owner of a revised and corrected. Interestingly, all the same.

Last March, at the Geneva Motor Show, Audi unveiled the one we have long awaited: the RS3. The small compact supercharged version was then presented in five doors. So what was our surprise to discover these pictures of an RS3 3 doors! Of course, these photos of the Audi registered in the Netherlands has been around the web. With a question between the lines: the Ingolstadt brand would it be preparing a production version of the RS3 3 doors?

The answer was quick in coming, and it is negative. Because, if you look closer, this 3 door RS3 is in fact the fruit of an owner of S3, who wanted a little better the model. So, in aesthetics, S3 is similar to an RS3 (except the number of doors, of course) including the same shields.

Under the hood, however, we do not find the block 5-cylinder 2.5-liter TFSI developing 340 horsepower to 450 Nm Nevertheless, the Dutch owner has offered to its 2.0-liter TFSI S3 (265 hp at the origin) MTM preparation to reach a total of 330 horses and 420 Nm short. It is pretty close to a real RS3.
After, we’re not sure it gives ideas to Audi, but the result is certainly a success.Audi RS3

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