Audi Urban Concept coming in 2013

Audi Urban Concept 2011

Actually, I hoped that I never had to write about the Audi Urban Concept and Open Spyder sister But unfortunately that is not the case. I hoped briefly that this failed soapbox into oblivion would hit, but unfortunately for me. Audi has decided this monster into production.

A blessing in disguise is that the (probably) will only be a limited edition of 999 copies, but of course, there are still 999 too many. This premium version of the Ford XL1 made his debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show and had then had a 20 horsepower engine.

The Audi Urban Concept in 2013 to approximately € 9.999 will cost.

Meanwhile, Audi is busy testing it and they even let journalists to drive forward. A fluke is that the power is increased to 40 hp.

Did you know that the Urban Concept shares many components with the Volkswagen XL1? Among other things, the front and rear suspensions are similar. The brakes, wheels and rear together developed. And like the Urban Concept will also Volkswagen XL1 in 2013 (On a limited scale) production.

Audi Urban Concept 2011

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