Audio urban concept: one with a lightweight 21-inch

Audi Urban ConceptHey, an Audi that does not appear in other Audis. That must be a concept!

And yes, it’s a concept car. Earlier this week we saw what spyshots of this e-tron thingy city. According to Audi it is the “Urban Concept”, a kind of combination of a racing car, a city car and a roadster. The whole has a 1 +1 seating arrangement, whereby the passenger sits behind the driver.The roof is sliding back, then you would be so in steps.

All parts are made of lightweight materials like carbon fiber. Because: less is more. Besides the wheels then, because they are 21-inches. And rightly so. Also, the Urban Concept Audi obviously driven by electric motors (two in this case), so no surprise. Anyway, more information will follow about a month, will officially debut the concept at the IAA in Frankfurt.

UPDATE – Since our boarding through the trunk that seemed unlikely, we have just checked. To be specific: you can still get in through the roof slid back, but not by the trunk.

In English, they express this as follows:

The driver can adjust the steering wheel and pedals to His own body measurements.
The roof is designed to be maneuverable and slides to the rear to open. This Enables entry to the car.Audi Urban Concept

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