BenSopra comes with 1000 hp GT-R

Nissan GT-R

Actually it’s weird, but a Nissan GT-R with 1000 + hp I do not even look at. The car is so popular with tuners, which are so high power from it, that you not even with your eyes blink at an announcement like this.

Of BenSopra we had not heard, but the Japanese tuner will include bodykitjes for Lamborghinis. The Nissan also has been working under the hood, because the potential customer a power of 1000 hp in prospect, almost double the standard 530 hp.

What they do reveal them yet, and there are only renders the car, but at the Tokyo Auto Show (early 2012) is the official unveiling. After the BenSopra GT-R connection in the line distribution switches, which include AMS performance and Switzer all part of it.

GT-R adepts and Andrea Bocelli fans can click through to BenSopra (via WCF)

Nissan GT-R


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