Bentley: arrival of the diesel

Amosu Bentley KeyIn an interview, Wolfgang Durheim (owner of Bentley ) confirmed in hints the arrival of diesel in some models of the brand.

The rumor on the net for a while. We knew that the arrival of diesel Bentley was considered by those responsible for the brand. Today, we learn a little more. In an interview with the German automotive press, Wolfgang Durheim (owner of Bentley) has indeed hinted strongly that it was officially recorded.

The diesel will therefore integrate the range of the manufacturer. A range consists among other Continental GT, GTC, GT / GTC Speed, Supersport, Flying Spur and Mulsanne, pending an SUV in 2014. The arrival of diesel should not be too complicated to implement since Bentley is owned by Volkswagen and can therefore draw on the bank of the parent bodies.

In this interview, Wolfgang Durheim has not set a date for the release of the first Bentley to feature a diesel engine, or given the names of the affected models. He simply said that this type of engine was more for the European market, Americans are more likely on gas.

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