Bentley Continental GT gets a diesel V8

Bentley Continental GT 2011Wolfgang Durheimer Bentley wants a twelve-making pioneer. Bullshit.

When it comes to diesel engines is at least. The V12 diesel Audi was like the V10 Volkswagen briefly fun but was not full. The twelve-W engine (gasoline) might still be the flagship of the brand, will continue to be filled the shelves with eight or even six-cylinder. Hybrid appears because a way into the British luxury brand.

The second reason for dropping the V12 TDI is its size. For years, there is a front W12 Bentley. A colossus but more compact than a V-engine with the same numbers.

With the announced plans for fuel and cost savings, there are currently two scenarios. The most likely: the Bentley Continental GT diesel debuts with a revamped
Audi 4.2 TDI. Now with 350bhp, later in the Bentley ( and Audi S7? ) good for 400 + hp. Nearly 100 horsepower per liter, as Audi’s new six-cylinder.

The six-cylinder belongs to the second scenario. Beyond the short term, the Bentley V6 TDI 313pk combine with a hybrid powertrain also announced.
Until then, the penny is turners have fun with a 4.0 V8 diesel in the CBT. Equipped with two turbochargers and two-thirds of the content a bit more economical than the twelve. He is ready. We probably see more of in Frankfurt. Fast diesels are totally.Bentley Continental GT 2011

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