Bentley Continental GT-off of Empire

Bentley Continental GTEmpire? Yes, that seems to be a breeder from Scotland. They were there the mission of a wealthy businessman to a Conti GT to personalize and here and there to expand. This needs him to be. Success?

If you’re not a coach builder who can totally different forms of bodywork to give you soon appointed to it in some other bumpers, and side moldings account. That is what Empire did. A self-designed front bumper with LED strips mounted vertically, a sliver of carbon fiber that must continue for side skirts and a redesigned rear diffuser for the also brand new. And check that giga-outlets. Mind you, these are just ideas fresh from the computer rolled his Empire, better known as “”. rendering.”

Empire also claims that they will reduce this colossus of Bentley, the remmerij an upgrade and something little lighter alloy under hang. The engine should also get a kick up, only it is not known how much extra horsepower the 6.0 twin-turbo W12 gets there. Especially since many will not just ECU and exhaust system are addressed. What the otherwise unknown Mr. bucks, which have placed the order for conversion to pay-let them know not.Bentley Continental GT

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