Bentley Continental GT2 is on the way

Bentley Continental GT2

The Bentley Continental GT is certainly no vedergewichtje’s clear being. Even the 2011 edition is released under the 2.3 tonne on the scales when it was dropped. Would therefore be a market for Conti who is both faster and lighter? Yes, we also think it is.

The CEO of Bentley, Wolfgang Durheimer, has told Auto Express stated that next year they call for a lighter Continental will respond. They put the luxury coupe on a strict diet with an estimated 200 kilograms from a need. There the change of course not, because the engine will increase significantly. The GT2 was added even more power gain than the antisocial quick stop Supersport Edition ( 630 hp ).

There is speculation about the upcoming 650-hp GT2, what exactly the most powerful road car ever built by Bentley. But what this power will be used is unclear. The current 6.0-liter W12 to the next level makes sense, but Bentley has also soon to be available on a much lighter-4.0-V8 that also this power should be able to come.

Another detail is not bad in the future that Bentley GT2 byebye says to the 4WD system and a rear-wheel drive would make of bandenvermorzelaar. Bentley Okay, you win. We have to. Bring it on the GT2, which we will then diesel Conti forgiven.

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