Bentley: Continental Supersports in action at Goodwood

BentleyHolding earlier this year the world record for speed on ice, the Bentley Continental Supersports produced a remarkable new release this weekend at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Already present at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​2010, the Bentley Continental convertible VERSION Supersports in again participated in the famous rendezvous English. It was the weekend and this transition has not gone unnoticed. I must say that the past year, the model was even better known to the public through the world speed record on ice established in February (330.695 km / h!) On a track of 16.5 km Full Baltic Sea off Finland. A record that, even if it was broken a month later by a Audi RS6, had offered an attractive advertising model.

At the time, is a Finnish quadruple world champion rally, Juha Kankunnen, who was in charge of Bentley, to reiterate, has a W12 powered bioethanol E85 FlexFuel developing 630 horsepower. And, last weekend at Goodwood, it was he who sat behind the same wheel. Finally, the Bentley Continental Supersport caused a stir up the famous Goodwood coast. To the delight of the audience … and the driver.

« Driving on a frozen sea was a unique challenge, but only a few engineers Bentley and my support team were there to witness this world record “Said Juha Kankunnen. “There, I could drive the Bentley Continental Supersport front of packed grandstands at Goodwood. It was a special experience for me, and I know that it was also a pleasure for the public to have an overview of the capabilities of Bentley. “Bentley

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