BMW 1 Series 2012 is officially over

BMW 1 Series 2012

In upscale compact, the Audi A3 now the days before replacement. BMW 1 Series rival just won a makeover. Renewal in continuity, but with some risk taking.

The curtain succession in recent days. After Audi R8 and GT Spyder, another first-class, in another register, point grille. Its dual bean in this case, since BMW is to formalize the Series 1 second of the name, first five doors. The other variants will follow in the months after its public presentation in Frankfurt.

The profile remains in the same vein as its predecessor of 2004, but the facies becomes more aggressive. Significantly higher (4.23 m, 85 mm more than the former), the new “A” clearly wants to move upmarket … Inside, a little more work and warm as the previous version, the efforts are noticeable.

BMW 1 Series 2012

There will be more surprised by the design outside, strangely offset the current trend BMW which operates rather a return to classicism. Here, by contrast, attempts to explore some style effects. The rear lights, for example, strangely built into the stern very smooth, so … VW.

The arrival of the new 1 Series poses a question … On the M Coupe 340 hp of course, discovered a few months ago, and doomed to a short-lived career. It is unclear whether BMW has planned an M version of the newcomer. For now, it is still in the catalog.Series 1 2012 will be sold from October, only four cylinders in the first place. At least she keeps propulsion. The more virulent version 128i and 135i (4 and 6 cylinder Twinpower Turbo, 245 hp and 306 hp) will arrive a little later.

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