BMW 1 Series and 3 Performance Edition for 2012 Olympics

2012 BMW OlympicsPartner of the next Olympic and Paralympic Games London 2012, BMW has launched two special editions (called Performance Edition) for Series 1 and 3.

The London Olympics is a little over a year. To celebrate its partnership with the event, BMW struck a blow by unveiling two special series. Performance Edition baptized, they will be based on the Series 1 and 3. We can already see the photos. And in detail, it gives an interesting result.

For the BMW 1 Series, finishing Performance Edition is available on versions 3 and 5 doors and engines 116i, 116d and 118i. The model adopts a body kit with wheels M M 18-inch light alloy and tailpipes dark chrome color. There are also joined black glossy, dark rear lights and sports suspension Mr. Inside, this series has a special sports seats stitched in royal blue, which is found on the carpet ground. One can notice a leather steering wheel multi-function, and a leather gear lever.

For the BMW 3 Series, available on the 318i and 318d, the Performance Edition package offers the same equipment. Like its neighbor, but more discreet, she received several badges “London 2012”, especially on the sides of the body. Four colors are offered: Alpine White, Titanium Silver, Black Sapphire and Bluewater. The price? It starts at 22,230 euros for the BMW 116i Performance Edition and 26,410 euros for the BMW 318i Performance Edition.2012 BMW Olympics

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