BMW 1M Revozport gets 450 horsepower

BMW 1M Raze RevozportVery often hear us out of this tuner, but if they advertise, they will do well. This time the BMW 1M turn.

To begin demolishing the men’s 60 kilos of weight off of the 1M. In order to pull off was a lot of carbon-fiber  work, including the hood, splitter, side skirts, trunk lid, various spoilers and diffuser had to suffer for it. The mirror housings and parts of the interior werder replaced with carbon copies.

At the motor level, there is a lot to gain. Of course, the ECU changed as well, there is an inter cooler, down pipe, and charge pipe titanium freeflow exhaust system to get only 7 kilograms. The exact figures are unknown, but the type name 450 suggests that as a result of these options, approximately 450 horses stamping available under the right foot, which Kelleners Sport 1M to Wouter recently tested the dust is probably so.BMW 1M Raze Revozport

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