BMW 3 Series E90: retirement in October

BMW 3 Series E90

Goodbye, E90 3 Series. BMW just announced the production of the sedan will cease in October, when the presentation of her replacement.

The sixth generation of the BMW family will point the tip of his bean grille at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Appeared in 2005, the current E90 will give way to the 3-Series F30 (at least given him the code for now) after 7-year career, is the usual life cycle. The trading debut is planned in spring 2012 for the sedan, coupe variants, sedan and Touring will arrive successively in the following months.

Already surprise hidden and seen briefly in a few teasers, the future 3-Series should maintain the proportions of its predecessor, but adopt the new BMW design language. Namely, a homecoming, as it was applied to the Series 5 and Series 6. The current E90 was one of the last representatives of the era of “deconstruction” introduced by C. Bangle, her replacement toe the line. Basically, one could almost expect a reduction in the 5 Series.

As for powertrains, it should confirm the orientation of BMW to downsizing: the 6 including booking online only to high-end, and declining the new turbocharged 4-cylinder in different power levels. A bit like the Mercedes with its 1.8 liter turbo, and to Audi with the 2.0 TFSI.

As for the future M3, the time is still vague assumptions. According to preliminary information, there would be a return of 6 online, with a block of about 400 hp supercharged, replacing the current V8.

BMW 3 Series E90

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