BMW 635CSi (E24) and 535i (E28) kept in the showroom

Abandoned BMW Dealer CanadaTime Machine does not officially exist. Right? Where this left 80 BMW dealership came from is a mystery to me.

They are extremely rare but there are places in this world where you can travel back in time. At one point, they closed forever to remain at rest. Given the models put the BMW dealership, a minor 30 years ago with it, since there is little happening in the property.
A 5 – and 6 series are literally in showroom condition preserved. Although some work will be needed to get them moving.

Bizarrely, there is still air in the very old tires. The profile is non-worn, small deposits covered the edges, and the body is covered in a layer of dust.  The paint underneath? Like new.

The BMW 535i E28 is a fairly sober version. Metallic gray, the famous and powerful M30 six-cylinder BMW wheels. The E24 635CSi goes a step further. A real dealer copy. Keyed BBS’jes kidneys and desirable. On that continent, the big six-cylinder 3.4 liters and about 190pk 290nm.
The dealer must be somewhere along this street are located in Canada. The workshop also seem to fill up with something less shiny models.Abandoned BMW Dealer Canada

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