BMW ActiveHybrid 5 is green

BMW ActiveHybrid

No young, is blue, you see it! Jahaa but despite his 340HP’s punch ‘ie only a meager 149 grams killer CO2’tjes out. Almost as efficient as the Lexus GS450h.

Furthermore, equipped with six cylinders! Where Audi it is not done playing, people with a (green) conscience soon so did BMW, and Lexus enjoy a six cylinder. It knocks the atmospheric V6 and turbo-blown I6 Lexus and BMW, of course, as little as four-cylinder turbo from the Audi. Unfortunately, you will receive none of these environmentally friendly models off road or addition.
This car you choose for yourself and not for the cost. Thrifty but done with a G3 gas into a second small hatchback.

In building the BMW ActiveHybrid 5 began with a 535i. At the 3-liter twin turbo six-cylinder power is 55 hp electric motor and an 8-speed automatic hung. Sprinting full speed in 5.9 seconds to 100km / h (as fast as the regular 535i). Fully electric vehicles may be up to 60km / h. When you release your gas on the highway you drive even (even) without drive. Like all other major hybrid combines, the BWM at speeds up to 160km / h than the powertrain, and you can go full-speed on the file off the roll. ( # sailing mode )

BMW will begin selling in early 2012. BMW seems the car with a rich standard equipment for about the same amount as a standard 535i to deliver. Think: 535i Executive money (and equipment?), € 69.970, – to be precise.

BMW ActiveHybrid

[Image: autoblog]

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