BMW boss confirms production Reithofer X4

BMW X4 Impression

Surprising? No. Lucrative? Undoubtedly.

You should almost have lived under a rock, you want the plans have not been given an X4 have. Our first speculative post about it again goes back more than five years ago,  and occasionally was a little stirred up the fire. After the success of the X6 was also quite wiedes that there would be an X4, as coupe-/crossover-variant of the X3. However, this BMW was officially always his jaw. Until now, because BMW boss Norbert Reithofer is opposite AMS confirms that the X4 is indeed coming, and probably in 2014.

BMW’s strategy for the future is everything a coupe from an even number to give to the traditional odd numbers for the sedan and Touring. The 3 coupe is the 4, 6 there for a while, and the same fate will be the 1 Series Coupé Beschoor. According to Reithofer, the new SUV / SAC about 4.65 meters tall, and he simply gets everything under the hood as the X3 now though. It is equipped with AWD, Start-Stop, and a heads-up display (HUD).

How it will look like. We know of course not exactly, but there is an estimate of it. Follow the latest design language, and paste the latest element in a somewhat altered body shape, et voila! At the top, you can see our own impression of a year ago, when the X4 bit closer. We are undoubtedly buried in the teaser video. BMW is the fact.

[Image: autoblog]

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