BMW i8 concept: full of images and info

BMW i8 conceptBMW has unveiled details in images and concepts of both electric and hybrid models. In particular, near the city i3, i8 developing the sporting 350 horsepower.

We told you yesterday, BMW has unveiled this morning everything you need to know about two upcoming models of its brand “” I” in command of caring for electric and hybrid cars. These two models, it is the urban concept and i3 i8 sports concept. Now we know the design and characteristics of these two models through the information and images supplied by the German manufacturer.

It will very quickly on the i3,  a 5-door electric city car 1 270 kg 170 horsepower, to focus on the course i8. The sport, in fact, promises much. Inspired Vision Efficient Dynamics concept introduced in 2009. It had already shown videos of slightly during tests. Now she is no longer hidden.

4-door coupe hybrid (gasoline / electric) has the four- wheel drive and an engine with direct injection gasoline 1, 5 liter 220 horsepower to the front, coupled with an electric motor of 164 kW (130 hp) at the rear. Finally, the model produces 350 horsepower. Level performance through light weight (1480 kg), BMW says they aim for an M3, for example. 0 to 100 km / h and is carried out in 4.6 seconds, maximum speed is estimated at 250 km / h, and consumption is 2.7 litres/100km with an emission of 66 g / km of CO2.

Level design, the BMW concept i8 has a very low center of gravity, a sunroof, and an equal distribution of weight on the front and rear. Both doors are very wide, as the windows. With measurements (4632 mm long, 1955 mm wide and 1280 mm high), and only on this point, it can be compared to a 3 series coupe. Inside, we find all the latest technology with BMW also a large screen to enjoy the services complete (assistant parking, traffic assistant, intelligent navigation, etc.)..

As i3, i8 the sporty concept is expected to be presented at the next Frankfurt Motor Show in September. The marketing of the machine is expected for 2013 or, at worst, early 2014. A version is also discoverable in the study at BMW.BMW i8 concept

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