BMW M5: no xDrive, or gearbox and ceramic brakes

BMW M5 2012

So you thought you already knew all about the new BMW M5? Think again! Currently, the first journalists to drive the M5 and introductions to people during that BMW still something interesting drop. So today announced that the new BMW M5 (presumably) not xDrive (or AWD) will get. However, we can count on a manual gearbox and carbon ceramic brakes. Nice right?

Earlier, this year we heard that there are plans were for an M5 wheel drive, but Albert Biermann (Head of Development BMW M GmbH) now has this to say about an M5 with xDrive:

  • NO current plans to development an / / / M5 with xDrive

Is this a disaster? Probably not. The other great news is that the M5 will be available with a manual transmission. This transmission will be available in the U.S. anyway, but whether this option will be available in Europe (and the rest of the world) is not yet known. The previous generation M5 was also in the U.S. is also available with a manual transmission, and that combination came even to Europe. So if you necessarily want an M5 with manual transmission, then chances are that you must import it from America.

The third piece of news today is that the BMW M5 for one year will be optionally available with carbon ceramic brakes. According to Herbert Dies (responsible for purchasing at BMW) is currently being tested with these brakes, and it is likely that they have one year on the market (perhaps while the introduction of the M6?).

We must also have patience until early next year before the M5 will be delivered to customers.

BMW M5 2012

[Image: autoblog]

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