BMW M6 Convertible F12, as the sun will shine again

BMW M6Fashionable brown red:: check, big bad bumper: check, good width: check, without a seriously looking scarf:  check. I think, the upcoming BMW M6 Convertible and really good in the paint.

Of course, a BMW M convertible nonsense. Saying the “purists.” BMW’s are made to control circuits, drivers and control for serious enthusiasts. Sure. The M Coupé has been around since the E30 M3. Since then it has been there from the E36, E46, E93 M3 and E64 M6 previous course.

The reason for taking a convertible, of course, the driving experience. Call it attraction factor. Less is the more sound roof. Since the 4.4 V8 Turbo now somewhat less than a screaming V10 5.0 we get that roof like the car. For real rag-and-steering the car (with roof) was much too heavy.

The extremely comfortable tuned BMW 650i convertible will get a little of experience with it. Rather we have a bit more. More contract with the road, sound, power. Unfortunately, we can at the earliest next summer just to enjoy.

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