BMW: Soon i4 and i5

BMW i8 ConceptA few days after the launch of the concepts and i3 i8, BMW was already thinking of the future. With in the cards, projects and i4 i5 2020.

In late July, BMW launched its line i with the presentation information and photos of his two concepts: i3, a 170-horsepower electric city car, especially the i8, hybrid sports 350 horsepower. Both concepts will be presented officially in a month at the IAA, while the market in 2013 would intervene at the earliest.

Meanwhile, rumors of an extension of the range is already circulating on the net. There is talk of possible i4 i5 and longer term. The i4 is a variation of the small sport i3 and repeat the same electric motor. More interestingly, the i5 is a sedan / coupe 4-door with the same mechanics as the hybrid sport i8 (pictured). If these projects are confirmed, they could emerge by 2020. In short, it was time to look ahead and, especially, to await the official confirmation by BMW.

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