BMW: The Netherlands is an ideal testbed for i3

BMW Concept i3For those who snored  yesterday: BMW (prior to the IAA) in Frankfurt, the draft versions of i-models are launched. The i8 is doing as good as Halo model especially oogsnoep, but the most practical use is in the i3.  BMW sales boss Ian Robertson foresees a bright future for the model in the Netherlands.
BMW Concept i3The reason is simple: half of the Netherlands live in close proximity in the Randstad. The infrastructure is suitable, and besides. We still have enough money for the car purchase / lease. You can imagine that the i3, for example, Australia has no business, there’s your fully charged battery (with a practical range of 130-160 km) already empty before you’re at your neighbor.
BMW Concept i3If you also wonder why BMW two weeks ago, ING Car Lease over, here is your answer: BMW wants to direct a finger in the pie in the Dutch lease market. In 2013 when the production version of the i3 comes out, go ‘BMW Car Lease “(as we call it here) that the Dutch leasing market bets.BMW Concept i3

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