Brabus Mercedes SLK, the more thumping

Brabus Mercedes SLKThe old SLK Brabus had already been to your heart’s natural drape themselves with tuningspielerij , but the new SLK has arrived and that means work to be done for Bottrop breeder. This is him become.

For the SLK-bare without Sports Pack have compiled a package consisting of a fresh bumperlip front, flanks and under some plastic for a different rear bumper with integrated diffuser. A subtle spoiler on the tailgate was not lacking, and the uber-horny monoblock wheels (available in 18, 19, and 20 inches). Verlaginssetje makes a subtle appearance conversion completely finished, according to Brabus.

The interior is filled with hanging leather, aluminum accents and all-important feature © BRABUS door knobs. w00t! Under the hood, the cabinet and has continued for all engine variants BRABUS is an upgrade on offer, ranging from 26 to 36 additional peekaa’s. Lafjes indeed a bit, but complainants can of course indulge in an SLK AMG . Brabus who will undoubtedly take up again.Brabus Mercedes SLK

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