Bristol: an electric supercar 2013

Bristol FighterSaved from bankruptcy earlier this year, Bristol could make a comeback in 2013 with an electric supercar excess of 320 km / h.

Bankrupt and threatened to disappear early in the year, Bristol was bought in May by Archibald Fraser-Nash. Great news for all fans of this legendary brand. However, if the investor has consented to surrender, not only to avoid the death of the British manufacturer. It is also to restart the machine and see new models emerge in the medium term.

Exactly, Bristol has just confirmed to be preparing a new car. It was in the cards, but now we know a little more. It’s actually an electric supercar developed in conjunction with Proton. The car will be equipped with all-wheel drive and have four electric motors. The aim, among others, is to allow the supercar to exceed 320 km / h.

For now, this is still an advanced project. It may take time to see if it happens. Bristol talks about a release planned for 2013. For lovers of the Fighter, the last car emblematic of the brand (pictured with his 8-liter V10 pushed to 1012 horsepower for a maximum speed of 434 km / h!), These few months of waiting will look good long.Bristol Fighter

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