Bristol wants to build an electric super car (2013)

CarAfter the British car merkje previously bankrupt and went back from the dead,  the neophyte owner now much advanced planning with the brand. Electric with a touch range extender is the key word.

The old Bristol is forever dead, because the Swiss Kamkorp Auto Kraft Frazer-Nash part of the group, has looked into her crystal ball and saw only electrically powered four wheelers. This first prospective Bristol, a showcase for the electric drive technology from Frazer-Nash and at least 320 km / h. tap. Yes, that’s just enough. Is a moving accuzuurbad? Not quite, since coming on board in addition to lots of violence is a battery range extender that the electric motors can provide fresh puncture. This will require a Wankel engine are used.

Unlike the Fisker Karma,  which we now feel as Bristol’s major competitor is allowed to see the still-unnamed EV with four electric motors and all-wheel drive. A transmission or differential is thus not necessary, which improve efficiency.

Hierrr a picture of the Frazer-Nash technique will probably apply.
Frazer Nash Bristol Electric Car
The new owner of Bristol, the car will not fully develop themselves, says EVO.  They will be a platform for third parties to use their plans. It’s just completely unknown which brand will be as willing to Bristol what verpatsen suspension technique. Who should they drop any suggestions in the comments?!

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