Bugatti Galibier soap opera continues: not before 2015

Bugatti 16C Galibier concept

A few weeks ago we reported that you have the Bugatti Galibier probably be postponed. The plan was the end of 2012 to deliver the first Galibier but now we hear that it will take much longer.

2015, which is the earliest year in which a Galibier license plate will be put. That reported at least generally knowledgeable Auto Motor und Sport. The Galibier was simply not good enough yet. Wolfgang Durheimer, which currently holds sway in Bugatti is not satisfied and therefore approves VAG produce the ├╝ber limonite properly.

Main reason: a new Bugatti shall not be less than a previous Bugatti. And so something must be done about it so far sought power of 800 hp. In addition, the Galibier to be comfortable.

Not so for 2015. And then I wonder: how long is the concept tenable? The Galibier has been over two years is shown as a sort-of-final draft. What if Durheimer early 2015 decided that the design is obsolete? The saying goes, nothing “tomorrow never comes” Mr. Durheimer. What do you think there is ever a Galibier from the Bugatti factory to roll? And if so, he still looks at the current concept?

Bugatti 16C Galibier concept

[Image: autoblog]

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