Bugatti Veyron for wannabe’s is for sale

Bugatti Veyron replicaToday in the section Autoblog Worthy Replicas : a Bugatti Fakeron. Finally, the project is finished!

Anyone still looking for a budget-Bugatti? Perhaps this is for you. In Florida, a 25-year-old key because a lot dude railed in his Mercury Cougar V6-powered coupe. And when we say ‘railed’ then we mean by full gallop replica of your obsession.

The look is not to see that the subcutaneous an American from 2002 to handling is questionable. The fiberglass body knows quite well to disguise. Okay, those wheels immediately give away that it’s a faker, but on the other hand, you do this four seats at your disposal. Ha!

Compared to the price ( 1.8 million euros ) of the world’s fastest production car is the $ 89,000 he is asking for a pittance, of course. But it remains a considerable sum of money for a wannabe on wheels.Bugatti Veyron replica

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