Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport White Gold: porcelain elephant

Bugatti Veyron Grand SportDespite the sale of the last unit of the coupe, the saga Bugatti Veyron is not quite over. Remember that the Grand Sport is always available, and a special series called The White Gold has just been updated.

As usual when we Bugatti is a variant of the Veyron, the term “special edition” is a bit exaggerated. Quantitatively speaking, since only one copy of the Grand Sport White Gold, made with the assistance of the Royal Porcelain Factory in Berlin, was produced. Curious alliance as one of the most fragile materials that are standard with the supercar fastest in the world … Based on the cult of the extreme, we understand the process.
For this unique Grand Sport, the treatment is confined to the usual cosmetics. No changes from the side of W16 and its 1001 horsepower, the spectacular is on something else: the inserts of fine white porcelain, applied everywhere, in the passenger rear fender.

Unveiled at an event specially dedicated to Berlin, the Veyron Grand Sport White Gold will require a budget of € 1.65 million. This latest edition follows the unique Blue versions centennial Faubourg by Hermes and Sang Black and others who have marked the career of the Veyron.
Of the 150 units scheduled Veyron Grand Sport, Bugatti has not yet passed a quarantine. Other special series like this one may emerge in the coming months.Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport

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