Bugatti Veyron-L4P is finished, blacked out, and matte white

Bugatti Veyron Sema2011

Nice one: that Veyron without caps last weekend, which is finished and is currently at the SEMA in Las Vegas being white. Complete with SuperSport veyron-Velgjes.
However, do not be fooled: This Veyron has only meager 1,000 horsepower. It is pure ostentation, ever saw the Veyron is so because of:

However, now he is less red-black, matte white and more. Peek inside is more difficult than before thanks to the tinted windows, and the grille, headlights, and even clippers in the mirrors are Blacker than before.

In addition, the vents on the roof pitch black instead of chrome. A black-and-white Veyron: make or break?

Bugatti Veyron Sema2011

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