Cadillac: an offshore production in 2012

Cadillac 2012 XTSTo make Cadillac a luxury brand known worldwide, General Motors wants to produce models outside North America by the end of 2012.

Currently, apart from the SLS sedan for the Chinese market, the Cadillac models are produced only in North America, specifically in plants in the United States and Mexico. General Motors, which owns Cadillac, however, that would change. U.S. officials want the most luxury cars (here the last restyled CTS) to be built outside of this area by the end of 2012.

According to Dan Akerson, chief executive of General Motors, the reason for this new strategy is multifaceted. Set up a factory elsewhere in the world would, in fact, Cadillac radiate more strongly on the planet, improve its supply chain and especially to protect the brand of the dollar.

GM has not yet unveiled of countries likely to host this production. However, it is likely that the American manufacturer is turning to China where labor is cheaper elsewhere, or to Europe for reasons of visibility this time.Cadillac 2012 XTS

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