Birdman Exelero must still pay [$ 8,000,000]

Maybach Exelero

Maybach ExeleroBig fuss earlier this year: rapper / producer Birdman (known for his bright-red  Veyron ) would be the only copy of the Maybach Exelero bought.  He would be just $ 8 million for pay, and the car still have bright-red  spray. Since then we have a few months later and that the car is still common in Germany, and the seller has a dollar received from Mr. Birdman. Dog Show me the money!

Currently, the million-dollar  Exelero (where only one copy of constructed) owned by Arnaud Mass Artic and Frank Rickert owning Mechatronik GmbH (classic Mercedes dealer). And a spokesman Arnaud Mass Arctic has now announced that they have not received money from Birdman and not at all certain that this particular car to America leaves.
Birdman has his money as the co- founder of Cash Money Records and Forbes. He is good for a personal fortune of $ 100 million. Although according to Birdman himself at least $ 250 million:

  • “I just felt $ 100 million was low,” he says, wrapping Each word in a deep drawl Louisiana. “With all the different entities, I think I Should still be a lot more than that. $ 500 million. $ 250 million, easy

Mr. Vogel also tries every day for at least $ 1 million of jewelry to wear and lie they say is always $ 1 million in cash under his mattress. Its fleet comprises a bright-red  Bugatti Veyron still Maybach 62S Landaulet a white muscle.

The Maybach Exelero was built in 2005 by order of tire manufacturer Fulda and was based on a Maybach 57. The 5.6 liter V12 has been enlarged to 5.9 liters and equipped with larger turbos. This ensures that the capacity of this 2,660-pound coupe to 700 Nm is pk/1.020. At the Nardo test track with this Exelero, a maximum speed of 351.45 km / h achieved.Maybach Exelero

Maybach future: response in late September

Maybach future

Maybach futureThe group Daimler to make a decision in late July on the survival or otherwise of its brand, Maybach.  Finally, the response will occur after the Frankfurt Motor Show in late September.

For several months, Daimler has questions about its brand Maybach. This has become a burden for the automotive group. A decision must be taken on its future. Daimler had spoken in recent months three possibilities: a pure and simple disappearance, an association with Aston Martin,  or processing to branch for some models of luxury Mercedes.

The decision was originally to be taken on a first in July. Subsequently, officials had pushed the deadline to late July. Finally, we come to learn. They will decide the future of Maybach until late September, after the Frankfurt Motor Show ended.

So, good or bad news for the brand? Unclear. But with the excellent figures recorded in recent times by Mercedes and the enthusiasm certainly the appointment of Frankfurt. Daimler may be tempted to give another chance Maybach.

Maybach Coupe combo Tech Xena spotted in London

Maybach 57S Xenatec

Maybach 57S XenatecThe car-spotters main season has started. London fills with exotic supercars car spotters and enjoy to the fullest. Therefore you can watch the most interesting voitures, so also this Maybach Coupes Tech Xena!

Messrs K & D Productions are now a fixture on our upload site. They came several times in the past Junk Car Photo Of The Month elections and they have even won once . Not the least spotters so! In London they met the Maybach against, three 57s Xena Tech Cruisero Coupe’s to be exact, which just two were parked bumper to bumper. Oh, and there was also a lousy Veyron Netta somewhere that Xena Techs, crazy!Maybach 57S Xenatec

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