Unusual: the Sultan of Brunei is selling 21 rare models


SultanWhim or need of liquidity, the Sultan of Brunei is in any case to sell 21 rare models who took the dust in his huge car park.

Since the beginning of his reign in 1967, the Sultan of Brunei has built a huge fortune from oil. It is now one of the five richest men in the world, but he is best known for its collection of luxury cars. The garage would include more than 5000 models estimated to total 3 billion euros. However, the latter figure is expected to fall slightly in the coming months. The Sultan of Brunei has indeed put on sale at James List 21 rare models.

Not really a victim of the crisis, the billionaire will certainly make room in his car or cars to get rid of “useless” to him. Because most models have an odometer very close to the 0. Even so, more or less recent, these models have undergone the prestigious high humidity of the country and are not all in perfect condition.

Damage, especially when you see the names of some of the 21 vehicles offered for sale (pictures here): Ferrari Testarossa, Jaguar XJ220, Maserati Trofeo Coupe, Bentley Arnage T, Ferrari Superamerica, Lamborghini Countach LP500.Sultan

Economy: General Motors World No. 1

GM Bondholders

GM BondholdersA result of the earthquake in March, Toyota has lost its place as No. 1 global automotive manufacturers in the first half of 2011. General Motors is now ahead of Volkswagen.

From 1935, General Motors was the undisputed leader in the automotive market. Except that this status has changed in 2008 with the economic crisis. Bankrupt the following year, the group of Detroit has consistently lost its place as No. 1 in favor of Toyota. Since then, GM (which owns Cadillac,  for example) found an ascending form and the sales curve continues to climb. In the first half of 2011, the manufacturer has increased sales by 8.9% for a total of 4.536 million vehicles sold. These figures place him squarely in the first place worldwide.

I must say that, struck by the earthquake in Japan in March, Toyota had to halt production on the first half. As a result, its sales fell 22% to be limited to 3.71 million units. It is obviously very far from the estimates earlier this year. Toyota even falls to third-place  car manufacturers. For example, with sales up to 14% (4.13 million cars sold). Volkswagen has well captured the second place. And if we take into account in the calculations the parent and subsidiaries owned more than 50%, the German group would even before General Motors.

However, the upheaval at the top could only be temporary. The Toyota production system has indeed found an efficient operation much more quickly than expected. The Japanese company and should see his production returning to a normal rhythm in september.  Furthermore, according to experts, it could get its world from the beginning of 2012.

EIB: “Antonov should NOT invest in Saab ‘

Antonov should NOT invest in Saab

Antonov should NOT invest in SaabPfff, finally some clarity from the cumbersome bureaucracy that European Investment Bank name. The spokesman of the wealthy Russian Vladimir Antonov has announced that the Bank did not allow a lender for Saab. Is the end of Swedish Automobile now really close?

As faithful followers of the Saab Soap now know Antonov able to jump to a 30% stake (worth about 100 million euros) into Saab. Who has the money badly needed, because despite all the plans with Chinese’s parties, the pay packets of many staff members are not paid and is Saab’s production line in Sweden is still very hard still? However, Antonov is not quite comfortable with a lender bank that 217 million euros in Saab have promised and which the Swedish government guarantees for state, and that was the reason that in 2009, their share in Spyker had to give up (for later via the back door gay continue to fund).

News agency Reuters late today that the Bank would definitely not have that Antonov shareholder. Antonov this would already have a couple of weeks is aware and United Saab has announced that the decision was made ​​even in 2009. Why this now is our only known and many Saab fans frustrated with us, a complete mystery.
Lars Holmqvist, head of the European federation of car parts suppliers CLEPA, also does a little one Swedish crown in the bag and let them know that nothing like Antonov waiting as a final solution for Saab’s problems. Alternatively, as he says:

“The important thing for us is not a solution That’s Antonov. This is not a matter where a Scrooge McDuck goes in with a lot of money. The basic problem is That does not sell Saab cars. They sold 28,600 cars last year. One cannot  survive in our industry on That. “

Victor Muller and Antonov give up the fight? Of course not! Antonov working on a way to get the loan of 217 million euros from the European Investment Bank to repay. That rumor was around for some time, but today his spokesman confirmed. If successful, the virtually free way for Antonov to become shareholders. In short, the Saab is doorrr Soap and work slowly to allow a cliffhanger. Antonov exactly as in his last tweet expressed: “I Stated many times! We will get it done! One way or another! Griffin UP! “

Pub on the Internet: the car spins its web

Pub Internet

Pub InternetThe gross advertising investments on the internet in France have risen sharply in the first half of 2011. With, on the podium of the biggest investors, a third place for the automotive industry.

1.67 billion euros gross. This is the total advertising spend on the internet in France during the first half of 2011. Basically, French companies have spent this money in three forms: banners, videos and special operations (or “display”). For this specific market on the internet, this is an increase of 6.1%. It is certainly far from the outstanding figures of the early 2000s, but over the last few months, it is rather satisfactory.

Obviously, the internet is consolidated and becomes more and more a must for advertisers. Among them, there are of course representatives of the automotive sector. The investments of the latter in Internet advertising in France and increased in the first part of 2011. A significant increase that allows the car to take over third-place sectors investing the most on the net with a total of 165.4 million euros gross.

On the podium, there are the sector “financial institutions” to second place (184.5 million euros) and that of “culture and recreation” in the first place (195.6 million euros) . Maybe not for long will see more and more assertive of the car companies to advertise on the internet.

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