China targets of Caterham and Aston Martin

Aston Martin ChinaBritish manufacturers Aston Martin and Caterham have decided to establish a lasting presence on the Chinese market is currently booming.

The market of the future for all manufacturers in the world, and especially for those high-end, it is obviously China. There, customers are demanding and have the money to buy models at a high price. So, one by one, the major brands investing in this market. Bentley , for example, recently announced record numbers thanks to its sales in China.

Already active since 2008 in the Middle Kingdom, Aston Martin has decided to increase its presence. The 25% increase in sales there in 2010 are encouraged. The British manufacturer will include opening a regional headquarters in Shanghai and four outlets within 12 months.

”  It is time to accelerate our growth in China ” , explained Dr Ulrich Bez, boss of Aston Martin. ”  The potential is enormous, and we can expand our presence in any way without diminishing the exclusivity of the brand. The objective is to reduce our dependence on mature markets in the West. ”

For Caterham, the objective is almost the same. Except that, compared with Aston Martin, the British firm had previously been absent from Chinese territory. It will not be the case for long. Caterham Cars has indeed signed a partnership with the leaders of Courtenay Trading International (CTI). They are responsible for disseminating the models in China through six dealers. From January 2012, CTI should market the Roadsport 120, 120 Superlight, Roadsport 175 R300 Superlight and CSR 175.

”  We are engaged in one of the most exciting chapters in the history of Caterham Cars, and our entry into the Chinese market is another tangible sign of how Caterham striving to become a truly global brand , “said David Ridley, director of Caterham Cars, which aims to sell the first year from 30 to 50 copies.”

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