Choose But Nissan Micra vs Kia Rio

2011 Kia Rio and Nissan Micra 2010Just do not super cars or popular leasing lofts in this edition of the Electoral But. We just go back two more affordable but fashionable fitted with each other.

Who does not care about expensive marketing slogans ( premium ) or in an option list that is longer than a typical toilet-roll, there is still plenty of choice Autoland? Would you rather your next car your friend’s car “inparkeert pretty easy” and inexpensive in terms of maintenance, road tax and fuel cost, instead of a razor-sharp handling and two hundred speakers, then Asian brands such as Kia and Nissan probably something to your needs.

The first is the Kia Rio. Recently been “put in the new he has improved a lot and gone. Okay, that was not a difficult task for the European design team at Kia, but still. Now that the prices also are announced (from € 11.695 for the three-door, five cost a minimum of € 12.595), this is an opportune time for comparison. We pick one with the lightest petrol, the 1.2 CVVT with Comfort Pack. Good for 85 horsepower hard on the front wheels and you have him for 13,190 euros. No BPM with the purchase, no road tax and a green A white label. What you do have is air conditioning, six airbags, an average consumption of 4.8 L per 100 km and an acceleration time of 13.1 seconds for the hundred.
2011 Kia Rio
The B-segmentation of Kia with another car in the B segment can always compare. Let’s see what “he does when we Korean city car at the turn of Nissan, which are 3.78 meters long with a good 25 inches shorter than the Rio. Why this comparison? Well, Nissan has recently launched a new engine to the line-up of Micra added – the 1.2 S with DIG-98 hp and 142 Nm. This is the quickest and most economical immediately (4.1 l/100 km) from the block list with the addition of a compressor, and “he is more power than the elected Kia.

A Micra with a supercharged engine, no, now we have seen everything. Nissan expects 75% of all sales Micraatjes this block will have on board. Quite logical. This version costs 12,995 euros, and then you have nothing to do with things like road tax or BPM. Do you want air conditioning and cruise control on board, you lose € 13.995. For theNetherlands there is a Connect Edition screwed together with things like alloy wheels and parking sensors are included and, which may be away for € 15.350. Do you have a lot more rooitje stores. It makes the list is complete edition Tekna, and you are provided with a glass panoramic roof and keyless entry.Nissan Micra 2010

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