Chrysler is doing better than Fiat

Fiat Lancia MoneymakerA small car manufacturer takes over a very large, is that OK?

Fiat is also very small and not so big after the Chrysler crisis anymore. However, it is the “cake tin’s manufacturer” that “battleships factory” wants to take over. With many small cheap cars earn you simply not as much as with some premium sedans. It continues to sell all Chrysler can do a lot of good for Fiat. Things go wrong then spray the whole thing really apart.

This year it all seems and egg biscuit. 2 digits for the huge list to pick from: a net profit of $ 76 million for Fiat, $ 156 million in total net income for the second quarter of 2011 (so 80 million for Chrysler).

The above figures Fiat and Chrysler won with a total revenue of $ 13.2 billion, of which 10 billion on behalf of Fiat. Not that ‘we’ in Europe to have meant something. South America is Fiat’s favorite continent.

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