Citroen DS5 spotted: it’s weird, “he too nice?

Citroen DS5At the very Eggie, live shot from the other daily car mob. Within a short time generally good but still a rare occurrence. The Citroen DS5, which is a incredible *.. car.

That cars in real life, among other cars, always very different from this press photos is a fact. Live is even better but spots are relationships always clear. Citroen DS5 from the whole hip shooting angles. The car looks fast, dynamic, a French-dip-out superlative.

Besides a Mazda MX-5 is the Citroën DS5 especially large. Now everything is next to a Mazda MX-5 large, we can not so much with. Citroen seems very high, however. What to studio pictures have a kind opgesjiekte Picasso could image seems the height / width ratio is good.

Kek on the back a second diamond. Dual exhausts. With a large rear door (unlike the DS4) a window so from the outside seems to be open.
Although not square (which I find very important), but a welcome addition to the
street view for me. The windows are as so often with modern cars is very small for my taste but it is definitely not a ’13-dozen “VW / Seat / Audi / Opel / Toyota / Kia / Hyundai /. Citroen has found her way again. After the C6 and DS3 Citroën a car that more often allowed to show. The current C5 is actually even no punishment.Citroen DS5

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